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The Ezri Center for Iran and Gulf States Research

Meir Ezri 

Born in Iran in 1922, Meir Ezri emerged from a lineage of leadership and vision, with his father, Zion Ezri, being a prominent Jewish community leader and the head of the Zionist Federation in Isfahan. This backdrop of dedication and service paved the way for Meir's remarkable journey.

In 1950, Meir took a bold step by immigrating to Israel, where he quickly became an instrumental figure at the Jewish Agency.

There, he spearheaded initiatives to welcome and integrate immigrants from Iran and Iraq, playing a crucial role in weaving the fabric of Israel's diverse society.

Meir's entrepreneurial spirit shone brightly when he founded Star of the East, a pioneering newspaper in the Persian language that transcended Iran's borders, serving as a beacon of news and culture for Persian speakers worldwide.

In 1958, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion entrusted Meir with a monumental task: to forge secret ties between Israel and Iran. Meir navigated this delicate mission with skill and diplomacy, laying the groundwork for multifaceted relations spanning diplomacy, economics, military collaborations, intelligence sharing, and cultural and religious exchanges between the two nations.

Meir's contributions were recognized in 2006 when he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Haifa, celebrating a lifetime of groundbreaking service. That same year, he established the Meir and Miriam Ezri Center for Iran and Gulf States Research at the University of Haifa, cementing his legacy as a bridge-builder and a visionary who tirelessly worked to foster understanding and cooperation across borders.

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