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The Naftali Wydra Division for Ports and Shipping Research


Welcome to the Wydra Institute for Strategic Shipping Research; an emblem of scholarly excellence and pioneering research founded in 1969 by Dr. Naftali Wydra.

Established amidst the industrious backdrop of Haifa’s port, alongside the vital arteries of shipping companies and agents, the institute cultivates deep-rooted connections within the Israeli shipping community. This proximity allows for collaborative relationships and solidified our role as a central figure in maritime research and discourse.

The institute has worked closely with Israel's Ministry of Transportation for many years.

This collaboration laid the groundwork for our first seminal research on Israel's shipping industry in 1975, setting the stage for the institute's expanded focus on civil aviation research by 1982.

The institute's reputation for rigorous analysis and insightful findings has only grown, reflecting the broad scope of its expertise and the depth of investigative reach.

The Wydra Institute is committed to advancing shipping and port studies, emphasizing the publication and distribution of scholarly work, and executing specialized surveys and studies. The institute serves as a respected center for academia, the maritime community, government bodies, and the private sector, offering a wealth of knowledge and resources to a diverse audience.

In 1987, the institute was privileged to relocate to the academic environs of The University of Haifa, which facilitated the establishment of a library dedicated to shipping issues. This resource has become a home for scholars and industry practitioners alike, furthering our mission to be a hub of maritime scholarship. We have proudly undertaken over 150 studies across maritime and port-related topics.

In 2024, we launched a significant digitization project aimed at preserving and extending the reach of our publications and documents to a global audience via the University of Haifa Library. This initiative underscores our dedication to the dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of research accessibility.

Mission and Goals
  • Global Collaboration and Local Insights: We delve deep into the world of shipping and ports in Israel, offering a platform for academic exploration that spans multiple disciplines.

  • Innovation at the Forefront: We are on a quest to spotlight the latest breakthroughs in shipping and ports worldwide, drawing connections to their implications for Israel. 

  • Cultivating Tomorrow's Experts: We are committed to nurturing the next generation of scholars in the shipping and ports sector, providing a fertile ground for academic growth and discovery.

  • Enlightening Minds, Shaping Policies: Awareness is the first step toward change. We aim to inform policymakers, industry leaders, and the public about the pivotal role of shipping and ports in a globalized world. 

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