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The Chaikin Chair for


Nestled within the University of Haifa, the Reuven Chaikin Chair in Geostrategy shines as a towering lighthouse of intellectual exploration and strategic thought in national security discourse. This prestigious Chair untangles the complex web of geostrategic concerns, investigating the interplay of natural resources, demographic trends, infrastructure, and environmental issues that collectively dictate the geopolitical landscape.

Alive with dynamic scholarly pursuits, the Chair serves as a central nexus for academic excellence, producing penetrating position papers that inform and influence high-level policy decisions. It is at the forefront of pioneering research, organizing enriching study days and conferences that assemble the foremost experts in the field. The Chair's dedication to fostering scholarly growth is evident in its impressive array of publications, ranging from influential books to academic articles, and its commitment to mentoring emerging scholars, providing a rich soil for the growth of new ideas and research in these essential subjects.

Beyond the academic confines, the Chair actively broadens the horizons of knowledge, spreading its groundbreaking findings and perspectives to enhance the educational fabric of high schools and other academic entities. This outreach not only enriches the intellectual landscape but also ensures that the Chair's impact resonates far and wide, shaping the minds of future generations.


At the core of the chair's mission lies a passionate commitment to advancing geo-strategic research of Israel and its environment. Under the pioneering leadership of Professor Arnon Sofer the chair focused on the intricate interplay between environmental factors and the national security of Israel.

  1. Elevating Academic Inquiry: We are dedicated to fostering academic exploration into the strategic issues that shape the State of Israel and the broader Middle East region.

  2. Amplifying Awareness: Our aim is to bring security and social challenges into the spotlight, making them a central part of the national dialogue.

  3. Disseminating Knowledge: By bridging the gap between academia and the real world, we strive to equip decision-makers, students, and the wider community with the insights needed to navigate complex landscapes.

  4. Supporting Excellence: We are committed to providing support to distinguished researchers and scholars, empowering them to push the boundaries of our understanding.

Our endeavors are driven by the belief that through deepened research and widespread knowledge dissemination, we can contribute significantly to the strategic discourse in Israel and beyond.

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