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Is Water Really Not Being Fought Over?

Is Water Really Not Being Fought Over?

Anton Berkovsky and Arnon Soffer


2016 Is Water Really Not Being Fought Over
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The purpose of this article is to point out the problems in the work of two American teams of researchers at Oregon State University and the Pacific Institute for Development Studies, in Oakland, dealing with disputes of water. We maintain that the conclusions suggesting that no water disputes exist – are need to redefine. Likewise, those who consider the drilling or closing down of a well to be of equal importance to a conflict over the waters of the Euphrates or Nile, are need to redefine yet again.

We therefore need to redefine the terms, such as disputes over water, water wars, or non-violent resolutions. The current forecasts about climate change and increased population growth in Third-World countries provides adequate reasons for recognizing that the risk of water wars will rise in the future, rather than disappear as predicted.

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