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Israel: Demography 2013-2034: Challenges and Chances

Israel: Demography 2013-2034: Challenges and Chances

Evgenia Bystrov and Arnon Soffer


2013 Israel Demography 2013-2034
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This is the sixth edition of the series Israel: Demography. Some editions have appeared in English, Arabic and German, and were sold out immediately on publication.

Since our edition, Israel: 2007-2020, Demography and Density, 2007, it is our belief that by now the well-informed citizenry of Jewish Israel has personally felt the realization of the authors’ warning that Israel is becoming one of the or the most crowded modern state, a state descending into the Third World, a state which the flower of its Jewish youth, their minds broadened by travel after completing military service, are abandoning by first working or studying abroad and then settling there. As part of this slide into Third World status, lack of governance has become the norm.

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